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Ultrasound Scan- Preaparation and Procedures

An ultrasound scan or sonography is a medical test used to capture the images of internal organs in a body. When it comes to an adverse pain or symptoms these scans are suggested so that the doctor can examine the diseases with an internal view. In the case of heart diseases doctors suggest this to measure the blood flow in arteries to detect the blockages. Also, it is used during pregnancy, Pregnancy ultrasound plays a vital role in every woman’s life. Because it brings the first view of an unborn child to earth. It uses high frequency sound waves, which captures live images of the growing fetus. It does not employ any kinds of radiation, which is an added advantage. Doctors suggest this scan for observing the baby’s growth and the amniotic fluid present around the baby. It brings an exciting experience for every woman as they can see their baby before coming into the world.

Ultrasound Scan- Advantages

An ultrasound scan is considered to be the safest method of imaging the internal organs, as it does not expose any harmful radiations to the body. It not only captures the real images of the organs but also detects the movement of the organs. It measures the movement of the blood flow through vesicles. Doctors suggest this scan when there is a higher level risk of breast cancer. Malignant tumor tissues cannot be detected by the normal physical examination. But an ultrasound scan detects the cyst as it is employed along with biopsy. It is a quick and painless techniques and it does not produce any adverse effect to the human body. It is a less expensive techniques with a clear view of the soft internal tissues. It is used in the diagnosis of the disease related to internal organs such as kidney, liver, pancreas and gall bladder.

Ultrasound Scan- Preparation and Procedures

The person whom the ultrasound scan is performed, must wear looser fitting and comfortable clothes. Patients are advised not wear to any Jewelry in the place where the scan is performed. Depending upon the diseases the patients are advised to take and water. Some require six glasses of water or more. Generally to do this scan the bladder must be entirely full. An ultrasound scan is performed with the ultrasound scanners along with the electronic devices and the transducers attached. Generally the patient is made to lie face up on the examination table. High quality gels are applied to the examination areas, these gels are used for the efficient transmission of the ultrasound waves. The physicians place the transducer in contact with the areas examined. For some treatments like vaginal ultrasound the transducers are inserted into the human body through the natural openings. These transducers sends high frequency sound waves and returning waves are captured and displayed on the monitor. The cost of the ultrasound scan ranges from Rs 1000 to 1300.

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