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What is a Mammogram and how does it help in Breast Cancer Screening?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. According to various studies done in the United Kingdom and India, every woman over 35 years of age should undergo regular Mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Detected early, breast cancer is completely curable. One in 8 women detected with breast cancer lose their lives to it, mainly because of late detection and hesitancy in opting for a screening. A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breasts, used to detect and diagnose breast diseases. Our mammogram machines are completely digital and painless enabling us to pinpoint abnormalities.

Mammogram Procedure:

The procedure involves pressing the breasts between two plates to flatten them and make them easier to image.

It is performed as either a screening mammogram (for women with no breast symptoms) or as a diagnostic mammogram (for women with breast symptoms). If you are a woman above age 40, you are recommended to take Screening mammograms every year. Diagnostic mammograms are recommended for women with breast symptoms, such as a lump, pain, nipple discharge, or change in breast size or shape.

The screening is usually performed by specially trained radiologists using mammography machines.

Before the procedure, you will be asked to put on a gown that is usually provided. You will also be asked to remove any jewellery or metal objects that could interfere with the x-ray images.

During the procedure, you will be asked to stand in front of the mammography machine and position your breast on the x-ray plate. The technologist will then lower the x-ray plate and press your breast firmly between the plate and another surface. This may be uncomfortable, but it is important to keep your breast still so that clear images can be taken.

Things to consider before taking a Mammogram:

  • If you have had a previous mammogram, please bring the reports with you during the screening. This will help the radiologist compare the new imaging to the old one.
  • It is best not to wear deodorant, perfume, lotion or powder under your arms or on your breasts on the day of the exam. These can cause artefacts that can mimic breast cancer and make it difficult to interpret the mammogram.
  • Make sure the radiologist is aware of any family history that you may have with Breast Cancer or other breast abnormalities.
  • Make sure the radiologist knows if you have any breast implants done.
  • Let your radiologist know of any recent changes to your breasts – appearance, lumps, pain, etc.

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