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CT scan full form


CT Scan is known as CAT scan (computed axial tomography) is used to capture the images of the internal organs in our body which uses x rays to take a series of images from different angles and then processed by computers to get clearer images of the internal organs. The images obtained shows the cross sectional view of the organs. They are then analyzed by the expert teams. The CT scan is used in the diagnosis of almost all internal organs. The internal injuries and internal bleeding can also be detected by using these procedures. This procedure mainly says the precise location and size of the tumors. For these reasons they are widely used in the treatment of cancer. The CT scan price is also inexpensive when compared to other techniques. We use the specialized expert team to accurately interpret the diseases. It is a painless technique so it is widely preferred.

CT scan has several applications in the organs such as head, abdomen and heart. The CT scan head provides the detailed cross sectional view of the soft brain tissues and brain structures. It says the detailed description about the brain function and also helps the doctors to detect the clots and injuries in the brain. In brain CT scan, x ray beams are sent through one side and the other side the scanner is placed. The x rays absorbed are measured by the scanners which provides the various image slices which is then displayed using the electronic devices. The X rays are sent through different angles which are absorbed differently by different organs. CT scan abdomen detects the abdominal pain causes in an easy manner. The injuries related to liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder can be detected. It is widely used in the treatment of appendicitis and kidney stones.



Heart CT scan gives the detailed images of the arteries and blood vessels which detects the blood clots and blockages in the arteries. Before undergoing the CT scan patients must inform the physicians about the medications taken and the allergies related to radiations because certain radiations will create an allergic effect on the patients. It varies from person to person. In case of heart CT scan, the patients must inform the doctor about the previous heart ailments and their treatments. In case of abdominal scan pregnant women must inform the doctor about their pregnancies, in order to safeguard the unborn fetus from high dosages of radiations. It is always mandatory to take the safety precautions before undergoing any diagnostic tests such as CT angiogram. The patient must wear looser fitting clothes and must avoid wearing any ornaments, electronic devices. Follow certain eating and drinking habits related to the particular treatments. Visit our website and get the complete information about the prices and packages.

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