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CA125 Blood Test with Diagnosis

Nowadays women are suffering from the many diseases. One of them is ovarian cancer, to prevent
ovarian cancer, it is advised for women to take the master health checkup which detects ovarian
cancer at an earlier stage. Master health checkup includes the blood test to detect the ovarian
cancer. Generally CA125 blood test is used, which measures the level of protein in the blood, which
detects the earliest signs of diseases.


If a person is found with the symptoms of stomach upset, bloating, indigestion with a pain in the pelvic region, then is a need to take this blood test at an earlier stage. If these symptoms last for more than 2 weeks, then there is a necessity of consulting with the gynecologist.


The survey in US states that many women are getting affected by the ovarian cancer. There are several reasons for the occurrence of ovarian cancer. They include family history, if the women whose close relatives has ovarian cancer, then there is a chance of getting the disease. Other reasons might include the obesity, the women who undergo any fertility treatments. The drugs used in hormone therapy may also induce the ovarian cancer.


Ovarian Cancer can be diagnosed by the Pelvic examination CA125 blood test CT scans Biopsy Ultrasounds.

CA125 Blood Test:

Certain Lab test may detect the disease. One of them is CA125 blood test. Here blood samples are taken from the woman’s vein. Elevated CA125 cancer antigen levels in the blood stream indicate the disease. The doctors advised to take the cancer antigen blood test at regular intervals even after the treatment therapy is completed. Doctors completely monitor the level cancer antigen 125 at certain time periods, in order to give a preventive treatment. These blood tests are little costly, but in our Aarthi scans and labs, we have introduced a scheme or package of providing the test at a lower cost. This blood test can be taken online too, our executives collects the blood test sample from your living place and the detail reports are sent online within a day. Reliable, crystal clear reports with privacy, results are not shared with anyone.

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