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Preparing for a blood test? Tips and precautions




Maintaining a proper health is the important thing advised by the doctors or physician. Here comes the concept of taking blood test regularly. Doctor gets the clue of the body functioning through the blood sample analysis. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. We must prevent the disease before getting affected. Our world health organization also advises us to take the preventive measures in a proper way. In addition, while starting the new fitness regime too, we must have a blood test and analyze whether our body functions in a proper way. The blood test is very useful in the diagnosis of various health conditions, it can be done in the patients of all ages. Major complications can be detected using blood tests. Because our blood sample says our entire body functioning. If any symptoms persist in our body for a prolonged day, the doctor usually advises these procedures. In Aarthi scans and lab we employ efficient professionals for the following blood tests which includes thyroid blood test, ESR blood test, pregnancy blood test.


Tips and Precautions:

In case of glucose or cholesterol level checkup, the patient is advised to have a fasting for at least 8 hrs prior to blood test. Drinking plenty of water is advisable to avoid being dehydrated. Intake of fruits, juices, coffee or tea should be avoided because it increases the glucose level in our blood. If you take more water, then the veins will show up very easily, which makes the procedure painless. Get a proper appointment before starting fasting, this will avoids you becoming dehydrated. You can also have a blood test online, this will make the analysis easier. The results are very accurate too. In addition, blood test also determines the patients biochemical states such as the changes in the mineral content. Nowadays it is used in the determination of the presence of alcohol in the body.



The blood samples taken from us are us are analyzed by the doctors and they will provide the detailed report for the complications. For some diseases the results are produced within an hour and for some within a day. It depends on the test we are undergoing. In case of taking blood test online, blood samples are collected from the home by the professionals. Then it analyzes and reports are produced. Mostly the reports cannot be understood, it contains a series of numbers and alphabets similar to the statistical reports. For the easy understandability the result is displayed as positive or negative for the diseases. Certain tests can be done at home by ourselves. For example pregnancy blood test can be done at home. In our concern, we provide the test at the best price with a high quality report.

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