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Do you want to prevent you suffering from Allergy Attacks ? Take our Complete Allergy Profile Test.


What is Complete Allergy Profile ?

Complete Allergy Profile test helps in diagnosing specific agents or triggers for which a person is allergic to. It is a simple blood test and can be done on an outpatient basis in one of our diagnostic centers or the blood could be collected in your home.

How many allergens am I tested for ?

The profile includes testing for 63 different allergens. Inhaled (breathing) allergens, animal sources and food allergens are covered in the panel.

The profile also includes testing for Total IgE. It is part of the natural defense mechanism of the body, levels of IgE increase substantially during any allergic response.

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The following is the list of allergens covered.


Preparation for Allergy Test

  • Pre test preparation: No fasting is required. Anti-allergy medicines and steroids need to be stopped 3 days before the test (as per physician advice). Do not stop any inhaled asthma medications or routine medications that treat blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, etc.

Reporting time- 1 to 2 days


Testing method- Immunoblot

Why choose Aarthi Scans and Labs ?

  • Aarthi Scans and Labs uses the world’s most advanced In-Vitro Allergy Testing platform from Proteome Tech. We have the expertise of 32+ years of experience in healthcare. Our labs are equipped with EQUAS (External Quality Assurance System) and loaded with full automated machines to ensure error free reports, with a quick turnaround time, at an affordable price.

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