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What is Rubella Ab - IgG, IgM?

The IgG rubella test is ordered when you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or whenever a check of immunity against rubella is required. IgM and IgG rubella tests are ordered when a pregnant woman has a fever and rash and/or other symptoms that may indicate a rubella infection. Since many conditions can cause similar symptoms, the doctor will need to order the tests in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Purpose of Test

The rubella test is used confirm the presence of adequate protection against the rubella virus, identify those who have never been exposed to the virus and those who have not been vaccinated, verify that all pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant have a sufficient amount (titer) of rubella antibodies to protect them from infection

Test of Result Interpretation

  • IgG: Negative: < or = 10, Equivocal: 10 - 15, Positive: > or = 15 IU/ml
  • IgM: Negative: < 0.9, Equivocal: 0.91 - 1.1, Positive: > 1.1 Active Index


No preparation required can collect the blood sample at any time.

Turnaround Time

8 Hrs