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What is RBC?

Counts the actual number of red blood cells per volume of blood.

Purpose of Test

A RBC count is ordered as a part of the complete blood count (CBC), often as part of a routine physical, pre-surgical procedure, or for other clinical reasons. The test is also repeated in patients who have hematologic disorders, bleeding problems, chronic anemias, polycythemia, and/or patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Test of Result Interpretation

  • Male : 4.5-5.5 m/cmm
  • Female : 3.8-4.8 m/cmm
  • < 14 yrs : 3.9-5.1 m/cmm
  • 2-12 yrs : 4.0-5.2 m/cmm


No preparation required.

Turnaround Time