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What is Progesterone?

Progesterone levels vary throughout the menstrual cycle. Progesterone can be measured to determine whether or not a woman has ovulated, to determine whether ovulation happened and to monitor the success of induced ovulation

Purpose of Test

Quantitative determination of Progesterone levels in human serum

Test of Result Interpretation

  • Males : 0.1 to 0.84 ng/mL
  • Females (Non Pregnant) : Mid Follicular Phase: 0.31 to 1.52, Mid Luteal Phase: 5.16 to 18.56, Postmenopausal < 0.08 to 0.78 ng/mL
  • Females (Pregnant) : 1st Trimester: 0.73 to 50.74, 2nd Trimester: 19.41 to 45.30 ng/mL


No preparation required.

Turnaround Time

8 Hrs