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What is Phosphorus?

Helps to evaluate the presence of abnormal or immature cells

Purpose of Test

Smear preparation for estimation of RBC, WBC, platelets and hemoparasites.
Hemolytic anemia - since careful review of red cell morphology may identify the pathophysiological basis of erythrocyte destruction (e.g., the presence of bite cells points to a Heinz body hemolytic anemia) and the ultimate diagnosis (e.g., oxidant damage to the red cell secondary to drugs)
Thrombocytopenia - where it is critical to distinguish between increased platelet consumption (eg, TTP-HUS, DIC, and ITP) and reduced platelet production (e.g., aplastic anemia).
White cell disorders - in which the precise classification of the disease may rely upon evaluation of abnormal circulating cells (e.g., the presence of Auer rods in a blast form in patients with acute myeloid leukemia).