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What is Fungus - Culture, KOH Mount?

A KOH test uses a potassium hydroxide or KOH preparation to check for fungal infections on the skin. A sample of the infected skin is scraped out lightly and placed on a slide that has KOH solution. The slide is subsequently heated so that the skin cells are dissolved by the solution, but the fungus cells prevail. These cells can be examined with a microscope and sometimes with the helps of color stains that make the fungus more visible

Purpose of Test

A KOH test for fungus is done if you have itchy and red skin; scaly blisters and bumps; or, any other skin-related fungal infection.

Test of Result Interpretation

Present or Absent/ Growth or No growth.


Skin scrappings.

Turnaround Time

2hrs for KOH/ 6 weeks for culture.