And because I’d had the course of 4 shots last year, the doc told me I only needed to have one this time to boost my immunity.

What is Anti HAV Ab - IgG/ Total, IgM ?

This test is used to help diagnose a liver infection due to the hepatitis A virus (HAV). There are several causes of hepatitis and the accompanying symptoms, so this test is used to determine if your symptoms are due to hepatitis A

Purpose of Test

Testing for the presence of IgM antibodies to hepatitis A is done when you have acute symptoms such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetitie, nausea, vomitting, abdominal pain, dark urine or joint pain

Test of Result Interpretation

IgM: Negative < 0.4 
Equivocal 0.4 - 0.5 
Positive > or = 0.5 ratio


No preparation required. Blood sample can be collected at any time.

Turnaround Time

8 Hrs