And because I’d had the course of 4 shots last year, the doc told me I only needed to have one this time to boost my immunity.

What is Anti CCP Ab?

Anti-CCP is a very useful test to order during the diagnostic evaluation of a person who may have rheumatoid arthritis. If present in such a patient at a moderate to high level, it not only confirms the diagnosis but also may indicate that the patient is at increased risk for damage to the joints. (Low levels of this antibody are less significant).

Purpose of Test

This test is primarily ordered along with an RF test when a patient has previously undiagnosed inflammatory arthritis or has been diagnosed with undifferentiated arthritis. It may be ordered as a follow-up test to a negative RF test when clinical signs, such as symmetrical joint pain and inflammation, lead the doctor to suspect RA..

Test of Result Interpretation

< 17 - Negative U/ml.


No preparation required. Blood sample can be collected at any time

Turnaround Time

8 Hrs