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What is AFB Smear Routine?

This test is used to detect and identify mycobacterial infection, it is used to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) and used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Purpose of Test

When you have symptoms of a lung infection, such as a chronic cough, weight loss, fever, chills, and weakness, that may be due to TB or another mycobacterial infection.
When your doctor suspects that you have an active TB infection. 
When you have a positive TB screening test and you are in a high-risk group for progressing to active disease.
When you have a skin or other body site infection that may be due to mycobacteria.
To monitor the effectiveness of TB treatment.

Test of Result Interpretation

Positive or Negative


Early morning sputum sample or to collect 24 hrs sputum

Turnaround Time

2 Hrs.