CA125 Blood Test with Diagnosis

Nowadays women are suffering from the many diseases. One of them is ovarian cancer, to prevent ovarian cancer, it is advised for women to take the master health checkup which detects ovarian cancer at an earlier stage. Master health checkup includes the blood test to detect the ovarian cancer. Generally CA125 blood test is used, which measures the level of protein in the blood, which detects the earliest signs of diseases.

Symptoms: If a person is found with the symptoms of stomach upset, bloating, indigestion with a pain in the pelvic region, then is a need to take this blood test at an earlier stage. If these symptoms last for more than 2 weeks, then there is a necessity of consulting with the gynecologist.

Reason: The survey in US states that many women are getting affected by the ovarian cancer. There are several reasons for the occurrence of ovarian cancer. They include family history, if the women whose close relatives has ovarian cancer, then there is a chance of getting the disease. Other reasons might include the obesity, the women who undergo any fertility treatments. The drugs used in hormone therapy may also induce the ovarian cancer.

Diagnosis: Ovarian Cancer can be diagnosed by the Pelvic examination CA125 blood test CT scans Biopsy Ultrasounds.

CA125 Blood Test: Certain Lab test may detect the disease. One of them is CA125 blood test. Here blood samples are taken from the woman's vein. Elevated CA125 cancer antigen levels in the blood stream indicate the disease. The doctors advised to take the cancer antigen blood test at regular intervals even after the treatment therapy is completed. Doctors completely monitor the level cancer antigen 125 at certain time periods, in order to give a preventive treatment. These blood tests are little costly, but in our Aarthi scans and labs, we have introduced a scheme or package of providing the test at a lower cost. This blood test can be taken online too, our executives collects the blood test sample from your living place and the detail reports are sent online within a day. Reliable, crystal clear reports with privacy, results are not shared with anyone.

CT scan full form


  CT Scan is known as CAT scan (computed axial tomography) is used to capture the images of the internal organs in our body which uses x rays to take a series of images from different angles and then processed by computers to get clearer images of the internal organs. The images obtained shows the cross sectional view of the organs. They are then analyzed by the expert teams. The CT scan is used in the diagnosis of almost all internal organs. The internal injuries and internal bleeding can also be detected by using these procedures. This procedure mainly says the precise location and size of the tumors. For these reasons they are widely used in the treatment of cancer. The CT scan price is also inexpensive when compared to other techniques. We use the specialized expert team to accurately interpret the diseases. It is a painless technique so it is widely preferred.  

  CT scan has several applications in the organs such as head, abdomen and heart. The CT scan head provides the detailed cross sectional view of the soft brain tissues and brain structures. It says the detailed description about the brain function and also helps the doctors to detect the clots and injuries in the brain. In brain CT scan, x ray beams are sent through one side and the other side the scanner is placed. The x rays absorbed are measured by the scanners which provides the various image slices which is then displayed using the electronic devices. The X rays are sent through different angles which are absorbed differently by different organs. CT scan abdomen detects the abdominal pain causes in an easy manner. The injuries related to liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder can be detected. It is widely used in the treatment of appendicitis and kidney stones.  

  Heart CT scan gives the detailed images of the arteries and blood vessels which detects the blood clots and blockages in the arteries. Before undergoing the CT scan patients must inform the physicians about the medications taken and the allergies related to radiations because certain radiations will create an allergic effect on the patients. It varies from person to person. In case of heart CT scan, the patients must inform the doctor about the previous heart ailments and their treatments. In case of abdominal scan pregnant women must inform the doctor about their pregnancies, in order to safeguard the unborn fetus from high dosages of radiations. It is always mandatory to take the safety precautions before undergoing any diagnostic tests such as CT angiogram. The patient must wear looser fitting clothes and must avoid wearing any ornaments, electronic devices. Follow certain eating and drinking habits related to the particular treatments. Visit our website and get the complete information about the prices and packages.

CT Scan or MRI scan – Differences, Safety and When you will need them

CT scan or MRI scan ?

What is CT scan - Uses, Procedure, Safety and When to do it What is MRI scan - Uses, Procedure, Safety and When to do it What is Ultrasound scan - Uses, Procedure, Safety and When to do it Ultrasound scan - Recommmendations during Pregnancy CT scan - Radiation risks Aarthi scans cost What is contrast study in CT and MRI and what are the side effects  

CT Scan or MRI scan - Differences, Safety and When you will need them

With increasing use of scanning to diagnose diseases accurately, every person comes across this question atleast once in their life. This article explains how CT scan and MRI scan work, what are the side effects, when you will need these scans, what is the difference between CT scan and MRI scan and also the cost to take CT or MRI scan.  

CT and MRI scan- Similarities

Both CT and MRI scans can detect how organs inside your body look without even touching you. Yes, there was once a time when doctors needed to cut open patients just to know what was going on inside them. Thank God, times have changed. Sometimes, a radiologist or your doctor may request a contrast study (where they inject a medicine through your arms) in both CT and MRI scans, if they want a more accurate diagnosis (Infection vs Tumor, Benign tumor vs Malignant tumor, Spread of infection or tumor etc.,)  

CT and MRI scan - Differences

A CT scan machine uses Xrays and MRI scan machine uses magnetism to scan your body. Click here for a complete description of how a CT scan works and how a MRI scan works. A CT scan may take around 1 to 5 minutes for actual scanning, while a MRI scan takes around 10 to 20 minutes of scanning time. Generally a MRI scan causes more noise than a CT machine (Better get your own earplugs or ask for cotton balls to stuff your ears). A CT scan has a smaller length gantry (that round hollow thing into which your body goes inside) than MRI, so the chances of getting claustrophobia are more in MRIs. Click here to know how to avoid clautrophobia in MRI scan. Since CT scan emits Xrays to scan your body, there is a risk of radiation to your body. Radiation may cause cancer, and I stress MAY CAUSE cancer. There is no clear data as of now, as to how much radiation or how many CT scans can cause cancer. It is postulated that too many CT scans in a short span of years or in a young age can cause cancer without concrete proof. Click here for A detailed article on CT and Radiation risks. A MRI scan uses no radiation and magnetism does not cause any side effects. The reason why still more CT scans are taken is, benefits of diagnosing a disease with CT scans outweigh the harm caused by radiation risk.  

CT scan and MRI scan - When you will need them

But the main deciding factor on whether you will need a CT or MRI scan is not the radiation risk or scanning time, its what you are suffering from and what the physician, radiologist think is a better modality to diagnose your suspected condition. Since CT and MRI use different physical ways to scan your body, the images produced by them are different and a few body parts are better depicted in only CT or MRI. Below are a few broad classifications and I want to stress that every patient and every disease is unique and your clnician, radiologist is the best deciding authority on which scan you need depending on the suspected disease.  


MRI is the best modality and is more specific and sensitive than CT. A clinician may ask for a CT scan during emergency situations like stroke, head injury and when the patient cannot lie still in MRI for 10 minutes.  


CT is the best modality to image lungs and mediastinum (the space between the lungs where heart, major vessels and food pipe travel). MRI is the best modality to image breasts and chest wall.  


To see the arteries supplying your heart muscles and wheter there is any block in them, Cardiac CT or CT coronary angiogram are used (both are the same). Cardiac MRI can show your heart beating in real motion which a CT scan cannot do and hence used to diagnose heart muscle dysfunction and contractile function.  

Kidney or ureter stones

CT is the only modality that shows the stones clearly and doesn't miss any.  

Small and large intestine

CT with oral contrast (where you have drink around 1 liter of water mixed with a medicine) is better than MRI. However a physician may ask for a MRI scan if he thinks you may need multiple time scannning.  

Uterus and Ovary

MRI is far superior than CT in imaging diseases of uterus and ovaries.  

Liver, Pancreas, Gall bladder, Spleen

Too many variables and diseases, entirely a physician / radiologist opinion on whether to do CT or MRI.  


MRI is far superior than CT in imaging diseases in and around joints. Only when fractures are suspected and a physician requires to get a 3D view the bones to be operated, he may ask for a CT.  

Arteries in neck, chest, abdomen, arms and legs

CT angiogram (with contrast)  is routinely used.  MRI Angiogram (without contrast) can be used in renal failure patients and in patients with contrast allergy.  

Pregnant patients

CT is contraindicated (not adviced) due to radiation risk to the baby. MRI scan is usually used in pregnant patients to scan the mother or the baby if required.  

Pus discharge or abscess  around anal region

MRI Fistulogram is routinely used. CT Fistulogram requires injection of contrast through the discharging opening and may be painful. I stress once again, these are the general recommendations for these broad categories and each patient is unique and may be offered CT or MRI depending on their condition.  

CT scan and MRI scan - Cost

The following are the prices in our Aarthi scans and labs. We are the most affordable diagnostic service provider in India and transparency is our motto. As a routine, we charge lesser prices in night time (8PM to 12 mid night, all through the year) to help patients in need.  The charges are,
  • Cost of MRI scans is Rs 4000 per study
  • Cost of CT scans in night is Rs 1000 to 2000 per study
  • Cost of MRI scans in night is Rs 2500 per study
Note - Special studies like Angiogram, Cardiac MRI, MRI Abdomen, Fetal MRI etc are priced differently than above charges. So, to sum up.. CT - Radiation risk, lower cost, quick to image. MRI - No radiation, costlier, Imaging takes time. If you have any doubts or have anything more to add, please comment below. Spread the knowledge. Share this article in Twitter, Facebook

MRI Scan Price

Before we talk about where you can get cheap MRI scans in India, let’s discuss what that phrase MRI Scan price means. The word “cheap” can be problematic, after all. Here’s what we’re not talking about: We’re not talking about “discount” medical services. We’re not talking about “cut-rate” images, MRI Scan meaning. This is about your health, and only the best will do. Never accept services from a medical provider you don’t trust 110 percent. When we mention “cheap MRI scans,” we’re talking purely about the price tag. The fact is, medical imaging procedures often cost far more than they have to. How Best Price MRI scan Facilities Keep Costs Low on Excellent Imaging Services It isn’t that our facilities cut corners to offer the lowest available prices. It’s that we don’t share the mind-boggling expenses of larger, more comprehensive health care centers. At MRI Scan Price, all we do is medical imaging, and we do it well.We provide patients with cost-comparison tools. Essentially, we’re competing with ourselves to drive prices down for patients. Contact our friendly scheduling team at +91 75500 75500 to book your next medical imaging procedure. While we specialize in MRI brain, both with and without contrast, we also provide expert service on X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, mammograms, arthrograms, and ultrasounds. All of our services are conducted by certified and experienced technologists and radiologists, and they’re all available at prices you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. To get started on Know MRI Scan Price, visit location finder here.

MRI scan side effects

An MRI scan is a painless radiology technique that has the advantage of avoiding x-ray radiation exposure. There are no known facts for an MRI scan side effects. The benefits of an MRI scan relate to its precise accuracy in detecting structural abnormalities of the body.  

  Patients who have any metallic materials within the body must notify their physician prior to the examination or inform the MRI staff. Metallic chips, materials, surgical clips, or foreign material (artificial joints, metallic bone plates, or prosthetic devices, etc.) can significantly distort the images obtained by the MRI scanner. Patients who have heart pacemakers, metal implants, or metal chips or clips in or around the eyeballs cannot be scanned with an MRI because of the risk that the magnet may move the metal in these areas. Similarly, patients with artificial heart valves, metallic ear implants, bullet fragments, and chemotherapy or insulin pumps should not have MRI scanning.  

  During the MRI scan, patient lies in a closed area inside the magnetic tube. Some patients can experience a claustrophobic sensation during the procedure. Therefore, patients with any history of claustrophobia should relate this to the practitioner who is requesting the test, as well as the radiology staff. A mild sedative can be given prior to the MRI scan to help alleviate this feeling. It is customary that the MRI staff will be nearby during MRI scan. Furthermore, there is usually a means of communication with the staff (such as a buzzer held by the patient) which can be used for contact if the patient cannot tolerate the scan.  

  To Know more about this, Contact our Experienced technologists

Preparing for a blood test? Tips and precautions


Maintaining a proper health is the important thing advised by the doctors or physician. Here comes the concept of taking blood test regularly. Doctor gets the clue of the body functioning through the blood sample analysis. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. We must prevent the disease before getting affected. Our world health organization also advises us to take the preventive measures in a proper way. In addition, while starting the new fitness regime too, we must have a blood test and analyze whether our body functions in a proper way. The blood test is very useful in the diagnosis of various health conditions, it can be done in the patients of all ages. Major complications can be detected using blood tests. Because our blood sample says our entire body functioning. If any symptoms persist in our body for a prolonged day, the doctor usually advises these procedures. In Aarthi scans and lab we employ efficient professionals for the following blood tests which includes thyroid blood test, ESR blood test, pregnancy blood test.  

Tips and Precautions:

In case of glucose or cholesterol level checkup, the patient is advised to have a fasting for at least 8 hrs prior to blood test. Drinking plenty of water is advisable to avoid being dehydrated. Intake of fruits, juices, coffee or tea should be avoided because it increases the glucose level in our blood. If you take more water, then the veins will show up very easily, which makes the procedure painless. Get a proper appointment before starting fasting, this will avoids you becoming dehydrated. You can also have a blood test online, this will make the analysis easier. The results are very accurate too. In addition, blood test also determines the patients biochemical states such as the changes in the mineral content. Nowadays it is used in the determination of the presence of alcohol in the body.  

  The blood samples taken from us are us are analyzed by the doctors and they will provide the detailed report for the complications. For some diseases the results are produced within an hour and for some within a day. It depends on the test we are undergoing. In case of taking blood test online, blood samples are collected from the home by the professionals. Then it analyzes and reports are produced. Mostly the reports cannot be understood, it contains a series of numbers and alphabets similar to the statistical reports. For the easy understandability the result is displayed as positive or negative for the diseases. Certain tests can be done at home by ourselves. For example pregnancy blood test can be done at home. In our concern, we provide the test at the best price with a high quality report.

Ultrasound Scan- Preparation and Procedures

An ultrasound scan or sonography is a medical test used to capture the images of internal organs in a body. When it comes to an adverse pain or symptoms these scans are suggested so that the doctor can examine the diseases with an internal view. In the case of heart diseases doctors suggest this to measure the blood flow in arteries to detect the blockages. Also, it is used during pregnancy, Pregnancy ultrasound plays a vital role in every woman's life. Because it brings the first view of an unborn child to earth. It uses high frequency sound waves, which captures live images of the growing fetus. It does not employ any kinds of radiation, which is an added advantage. Doctors suggest this scan for observing the baby’s growth and the amniotic fluid present around the baby. It brings an exciting experience for every woman as they can see their baby before coming into the world.

Ultrasound Scan- Advantages

An ultrasound scan is considered to be the safest method of imaging the internal organs, as it does not expose any harmful radiations to the body. It not only captures the real images of the organs but also detects the movement of the organs. It measures the movement of the blood flow through vesicles. Doctors suggest this scan when there is a higher level risk of breast cancer. Malignant tumor tissues cannot be detected by the normal physical examination. But an ultrasound scan detects the cyst as it is employed along with biopsy. It is a quick and painless techniques and it does not produce any adverse effect to the human body. It is a less expensive techniques with a clear view of the soft internal tissues. It is used in the diagnosis of the disease related to internal organs such as kidney, liver, pancreas and gall bladder.

Ultrasound Scan- Preparation and Procedures

The person whom the ultrasound scan is performed, must wear looser fitting and comfortable clothes. Patients are advised not wear to any Jewelry in the place where the scan is performed. Depending upon the diseases the patients are advised to take and water. Some require six glasses of water or more. Generally to do this scan the bladder must be entirely full. An ultrasound scan is performed with the ultrasound scanners along with the electronic devices and the transducers attached. Generally the patient is made to lie face up on the examination table. High quality gels are applied to the examination areas, these gels are used for the efficient transmission of the ultrasound waves. The physicians place the transducer in contact with the areas examined. For some treatments like vaginal ultrasound the transducers are inserted into the human body through the natural openings. These transducers sends high frequency sound waves and returning waves are captured and displayed on the monitor. The cost of the ultrasound scan ranges from Rs 1000 to 1300. To Book Ultrasound scan online

What is CT scan – Uses, Procedure, Safety and Cost

CT or Computed Tomography scans are science's gift to mankind, because without CTs doctors would need to cut open patients to know what exactly was wrong within their body. CT scans can image the organs within our body and various disease processes in the organs without even touching us. A big thanks to Godfrey Hounsfield.

CT scan - How it works

A CT scan machine emits Xrays from various angles around our body and by using reconstructive algorithms, produces a 3D reconstruction of the bones and organs within our body. Denser parts of our body like bones appear white in a CT image and softer organs like liver, kidneys, brain appear in different shades of gray.

CT scan - Procedure

For CT scans of abdomen, you may be asked to come in overnight fasting (no food or liquid consumption after a light dinner the day before). For rest of the CT scans, no preparation is necessary. If your physician or radiologist asks for a contrast study (click here to know what is contrast study and why doctors ask it), you should not have eaten anything for atleast 4 hours before the contrast injection. A blood test to estimate kidney function (creatinine level) is also needed before contrast injection. Its better to bring a soft cotton dress without any metal clips or hooks for CT scans. Belts, Chains, anything in shirt/pant pockets should be removed before a CT scan. Once inside the CT room, You will be asked to lie in a table and the table along with you slide in and out of the CT gantry (the hollow round thing in the machine) a few times for your scanning to complete. The entire process takes usually less than 5 minutes and the scanning usually takes only a few seconds to a minute. The machine may give off whirring sounds when you move in and out, don't be worried its just taking a slow photograph of your body. The technician may ask you to hold your breath for short intervals (10 to 30 seconds) during an abdomen or thorax scan so that your body organs do not move and a perfect image is captured. It is imperative that you lie very still for those few seconds of scanning time to get a good image.

CT scan - Safety and Side effects

CT scans have no immediate side effects. Since CT scan emits Xrays to scan your body, there is a risk of radiation to your body. Radiation may cause cancer, and I stress MAY CAUSE cancer. There is no clear data as of now, as to how much radiation or how many CT scans can cause cancer. It is postulated that too many CT scans in a short span of years or in a young age can cause cancer without concrete proof. Click here for A detailed article on CT and Radiation risks. The reason why still more CT scans are taken is, benefits of diagnosing a disease with CT scans outweigh the harm caused by radiation risk. For example, its always better to detect appendicitis by a CT at the earliest. Otherwise it may burst and result in complications. Thus when the benefits outweigh the risks, A CT is done. Patients with pacemakers, metal implants, aneurysm coiling, hearing aids, drainage tubes, intravenous lines, catheters can safely undergo a CT scan. Pregnant ladies should not undergo a CT scan unless it is deemed extremely necessary (when the mother is gravely sick) due to the risks of radiation to the unborn baby. Doing a contrast study can result in allergic reactions in a few patients and is fatal very rarely. Allergic reactions can range from itching to difficulty in breathing or swallowing. Inform your doctor if you get any allergic reaction, since almost all of them can be safely treated with proper medication. Lactating mothers are advised not to breast feed upto 24 hours after contrast injection. Contrast study is not usually done in renal failure patients.

CT Scan - When is it done

A CT scan can image any part in your body from head to toe. The common indications for a CT scan range from abdomen pain, head ache, breathing difficulty, chronic coughing, injuries etc. For each and every patient and for each and every disease the reasons are unique to get a CT scan. Read what are the differences between a CT scan and MRI scan and when each of them is prescribed.

CT Scan - Cost

The following are the prices in our Aarthi scans and labs. We are the most affordable diagnostic service provider in India and transparency is our motto. As a routine, we charge lesser prices in night time (8PM to 12 mid night, all through the year) to help patients in need. The charges are,
  • Cost of CT scans is Rs 1500 to 3500 per study
  • Cost of CT scans in night is Rs 1000 to 2000 per study
  • Cost of CT Contrast study is Rs 2000

Note - Special studies like Angiogram, Cisternogram, Sinogram etc are priced differently than above charges.If you have any doubts or have anything more to add, please comment below.Spread the knowledge. Share this article in Twitter, Facebook.

why I need to do the master health checkup?

Nowadays a common question arises among the people, why I need to do the master health checkup? And what’s the necessity, even though Iam staying fit and healthy. But it’s not the actual case, in this modern world we are leading a stressful life. Due to the busy schedule, the diet we are following makes us unhealthy and provide a chance for many diseases to enter into our body without any knowledge. These lifestyle changes may invite a disease like diabetes, hypertension, a rise in cholesterol level, blood pressure and various heart ailments. Some of the diseases may not show any symptoms at an earlier stage, but when detected at a final stage will does not provide any option to getting cured. The chance of recovery is higher when detected at an earlier stage. In order to save our precious health master health checkup is necessary which minimizes the risk and save our health from the chronic diseases. Keeping these in mind our Aarthi scans and labs offer master health checkup in India with best packages which suits your health function. Master health checkup is a preventive health checkup which monitors our health regularly and provide proper screening at an earlier stage. You can consult with our doctor and choose your personalized test. Several tests such as complete blood count, lipid profile, diabetic profile, kidney function test, liver function test, radiology test, thyroid test, TSH blood test, ultrasound scan, MRI scan, cancer screening test, cardiac screening test, and complete urine analysis. Aarthi scans and Labs provide master health checkup in India at an affordable price and with high quality crystal clear reports. We use a latest diagnostic equipments for the best performance and analysis under one roof. We employ highly skilled professionals providing best doctor patient relationship which helps you to maintain a healthy life without any hindrance. Master health checkup diagnoses the every vital organ in our body and monitor the proper functioning of all organs. By performing single test the origin of the disease cannot be found, but by doing these procedures the malfunction in the vital organs and the chronic diseases can be found. By performing cancer screening tests, the cancer can be detected in the early stage and in addition the organ affected can detect at an earlier stage. Doing these checkups has the following benefits. The diseases can be prevented before getting affected and also the lifestyle gets updated depending on your health. Book your preferred tests and stay healthy. Visit our website  and found the lists of test and their packages.