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What is Stool?

A stool culture test is one where fecal matter is collected for analysis to diagnose the presence or absence of a medical condition.

Purpose of Test

A stool culture helps to determine whether you have pathogenic bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

Test of Result Interpretation

Results are frequently reported out with the name of the pathogenic bacteria and whether it was isolated (found in your stool sample) or not isolated (that bacteria was not found). Negative results usually reflect the fact that the stool culture was checked for pathogens at several intervals and none were found (not isolated). A report may say something like: no Campylobacter isolated, no Salmonella or Shigella isolated, etc. If the culture is negative for the major pathogens, then it is likely that your diarrhea is due to another cause.


No preparation required.

Turnaround Time

24-48 Hrs