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What is Electrophoresis?

Electrophoresis is used to identify the presence of abnormal proteins, to identify the absence of normal proteins, and to determine when different groups of proteins are increased or decreased in serum. It is frequently ordered to detect and identify monoclonal proteins an excessive production of one specific immunoglobulin. Protein and immunofixation electrophoresis are ordered to help detect, diagnose, and monitor the course and treatment of conditions associated with these abnormal proteins, including multiple myeloma and a few other related diseases.

Purpose of Test

To help diagnose and monitor multiple myeloma and a variety of other conditions that affect protein absorption, production, and loss as seen in severe organ disease and altered nutritional states.

Test of Result Interpretation

Protein and immunofixation electrophoresis tests give your doctor a rough estimate of how much of each protein is present. The value of protein electrophoresis lies in the proportions of proteins and in the patterns they create on the electrophoresis graph. The value of immunofixation electrophoresis is in the identification of the presence of a particular type of immunoglobulin .This is an indicator of various disease states.


No preparation required.