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What is Bleeding Time?

This test is done on someone to assess their platelet function.

Purpose of Test

Bleeding time is affected by platelet function, certain vascular disorders and von Willebrand Disease, diseases that cause prolonged bleeding time include thrombocytopenia, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), Bernard-Soulier disease, and Glanzmann's thrombasthenia. Aspirin and other cyclooxygenase inhibitors can prolong bleeding time significantly. While warfarin and heparin have their major effects on coagulation factors, an increased bleeding time is sometimes seen with use of these medications as well.
People with von Willebrand disease usually experience increased bleeding time, as von Willebrand factor is a platelet agglutination protein, but this is not considered an effective diagnostic test for this condition. It is also prolonged in hypofibrinogenemia.

Test of Result Interpretation

2-7 Minutes


No preparation required.

Turnaround Time