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What is Biopsy?

Biopsy is the study of a piece of tissue/ sample (soft tissue/ bone) taken from a person to establish a precise diagnosis so that the most appropriate treatment can be initiated.In most situations, the lesion is biopsied by a surgeon either at an operation undertaken for that purpose or as an outpatient procedure.If only a part of the lesion is removed, it is referred to as incisional biopsy.
If a lesion/ organ is removed in its entirety it is called excision biopsy.Small biopsies can also be obtained by curettage (endometrium), by endoscopy (stomach, colon) or Bronchoscopy (lung). Needle biopsies are often done with imaging (ultrasound, CT) guidance.The biopsy once taken has to be immediately put in Formalin to preserve the tissue/ sample and then transported to the laboratory for processing.The processing time depends on the type and size of the tissue/ sample.

Turnaround Time

  • Small biopsy: 32-36 Hrs
  • Medium sized biopsy: 48 Hrs
  • Large biopsy: 72-96 Hrs